Hands-On Cisco DNA Center Platform on TechWiseTV

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Cisco DNA Center lets you design, provision, configure, and monitor your enterprise network with point-and-click ease. Now you can go beyond the GUI and program the network to do just about anything.

This episode of Cisco TechWiseTV discusses DNA Center Platform APIs and SDKs with the Cisco DevNet experts, and describes how you can get started.

In Hands-On Cisco DNA Center Platform, Cisco DevNet evangelist Hank Preston shares some common use cases and the amazing things you can teach your network using Python and Postman.

Topics covered:

• How to use the API and where to find documentation
• How to authenticate to DNA Center and query for devices, policies, health status, and more
• Where to go for troubleshooting information
• How to share your code in DevNet Code Exchange

It’s a new world for networkers. Don’t miss this one!

Duration: 21:2
Publisher: Cisco
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