Happy SysAdmin Day from DigitalOcean!

Today we’re celebrating SysAdmins inside DigitalOcean and all around the world. Show love to your other Sysadmin pals and send them a thank you note: http://sysadmin.love/

To learn more about System Administrator Appreciation Day visit http://sysadminday.com/, or check out the #SysAdminDay hashtag on Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed the video. It was shot and edited by Luke Delahanty (https://twitter.com/CoolHandFilmThis) and was filmed entirely in the DigitalOcean office. The actors are DO team members from all different departments (mostly SysAdmins).

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Meet the cast:

Chrissy Weeks – Narrator https://twitter.com/fevrin
Jeffrey Elliot – SysAdmin in the intro
Stephanie Morillo – SysAdmin with ventilation https://twitter.com/radiomorillo
Ed Jones – Manager who invites Stephanie for coffee
Scott Alden – Manager who pushes back the deploy https://twitter.com/MeltWizard
Saudia Ganie – Eager developer https://twitter.com/saudjya
Jay Gordon – Straightforward Sysadmin https://twitter.com/jaydestro
Eric Graham – Hugger

Duration: 2:5
Publisher: DigitalOcean
You can watch this video also at the source.

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