Harnessing 5G and Edge: Enterprise opportunity, 5G/Edge solutions, and the road ahead

Early in 2020, Google Cloud launched Global Mobile Edge Cloud (GMEC) strategy to accelerate delivery of enterprise 5G/Edge solutions that solve for 3 “E”s – Economics, Experience, and Ease. Edge, which can mean one or more of Telecom, Cloud provider, end customer, or 3rd party edge, is closely tied to building and delivering these enterprise 5G/Edge solutions.

This session includes an overview of 5G and how “Edge” is defined, 5G/Edge use cases for enterprises, and new revenue opportunities for telecom companies, partners, and Google Cloud. Learn from a deep dive into telecom and Google Cloud-enabled 5G/Edge-based solutions in 4 areas: Smart X (Smart Retail, Smart Airports etc), Smart Connected (Private 5G/LTE), Media/Gaming, and Developer cloud with examples of solutions Google Cloud is building with AT&T and other leading telecom companies. Explore how telecom companies, Google Cloud, ISV, and SI partners and the broader ecosystem can jointly accelerate 5G/Edge solutions for enterprises.

Speakers: Prajakta Joshi, Aakash Arora

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product: Cloud CDN, GCLB; fullname: Prajakta Joshi, Aakash Arora;

Duration: 00:22:31
Publisher: Google Cloud
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