HashiCorp Vault's New Secret Operator for K8s Secret Management | #shorts

Watch full talk: https://www.mirantis.com/labs/secret-management-using-hashicorp-s-vault-and-their-new-secrets-operator
Access all of Martin’s presentation materials here: https://github.com/martinnirtl/talks/tree/main/mirantis/labs/20230530_secret-management

Highlights from this week’s Tech Talk on Kubernetes Secret management; specifically, how to manage Secrets using HashiCorp’s Vault in conjunction with their all new add-on: Secrets Operator. Follow along as Martin walks you through some background on Kubernetes Secrets before showcasing how to properly setup HashiCorp Vault for managing secrets, as well as how to install the new Secrets Operator, which is now available as a Public Beta. Give it a try today & watch the full Tech Talk to learn how to get started!

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