Hatch Talk Series: Protest or Pivot- How to Position Your Idea with User Research w/Colleen Diez

After quick-and-dirty validation of your idea, now what? How do you know when to prioritize user feedback, iterate, or completely pivot? Colleen Diez, DigitalOcean’s Lead User Researcher, presents a few easy and effective research tools to quickly understand and speak to your target customer.

Learn how to prioritize the right potential new features to build, how to target customers based on their internal motivations, and how to use quality metrics to iterate for launch.

Our global event series, Hatch Startup101 Sessions, is comprised of curated talks, panels, and fireside chats designed for entrepreneurs and developers looking to build impactful software. We bring together the best in various regional startup ecosystems, to share the stories from founders, builders, and creators.

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Duration: 40:47
Publisher: DigitalOcean
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