Healthcare in the Cloud: Avoid Risk and Address Security and Compliance with GCP (Cloud Next '19)

Healthcare organizations have to meet rigorous security, privacy, and compliance requirements. Many of these organizations are unsure about how to map and implement these requirements on the Cloud, which makes them hesitant about adopting Cloud services. During this session, we will address the unique security and regulatory compliance challenges that our healthcare customers face, focusing on HIPAA requirements in the US, but also highlighting other key international frameworks. We want to enable our customers to feel confident about the overall security posture of GCP, and with setting up their own workloads on our Cloud services.

We will walk through our HIPAA-compliant offerings, showcasing solutions such as our clinical data warehouse, integration with multiple radiology workflows, an API-enabling an entire country’s healthcare system, and our petabyte-scale genomics processing capabilities. We will also discuss the shared responsibility model in detail, including some product-specific context for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services. Finally, we will discuss the healthcare “data protection toolkit,” a GCP-developed tool that streamlines the process of deploying and monitoring HIPAA-aligned workloads on Cloud.

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Speaker(s): Rohiit Talreja

Session ID: SEC217
product:Cloud Healthcare,Other,Cloud Security Command Center; fullname:Rohit Talreja;

Duration: 50:13
Publisher: Google Cloud
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