Herndon, Virginia-based ViON Launches Private Cloud Platform

ViON, a Herndon, Virginia-based IT solutions provider has launched its enterprise-grade ViON Agile Cloud Platform, a Tier-1, high-performance, private cloud solution. ViON’s Agile Cloud Platform can be purchased outright for on-premise use or delivered by ViON As-a-Service to exacting specifications through Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

ViON’s Agile Cloud Platform includes servers, networking, storage and software – along with advanced monitoring, management and virtualization tools. These capabilities offer customers insight into their IT enterprise, where storage, compute and network resource usage can be monitored, controlled and reported, providing transparency for both the cloud provider and consumer of the utilized service.

ViON’s Agile Cloud Platform implementations are turn-key and take weeks not months to complete. For all implementations, ViON serves as the solutions architect, systems integrator and end-to-end delivery provider. Customers are not required to add additional data center headcount or physical space, freeing customers to focus on their businesses or mission objectives not the challenges of managing IT infrastructure, assets and facilities.

Pay-for-use model 

cloud-hostingThrough ViON’s proprietary approach to server space allocation, the Agile Cloud Platform would be able to achieve 20 percent higher density of virtual machines (VMs), driving down total cost of ownership and usage fees. ViON bills for actual consumption of compute, network, storage and application resources, not for the allocation or provisioning of these resources. The Agile Cloud Platform is supported by cleared, highly trained U.S.-based professionals.

“ViON’s Agile Cloud Platform is offered on a pay-for-use model, which can scale up or down with business cycles, thereby offering our customers substantially lower total cost of ownership,” said Tom Frana, CEO of ViON. “We have been a major partner for the government, public sector and commercial market for 34 years and have been providing private cloud solutions for more than fifteen. Customers partner with ViON because we provide the infrastructure needed to enable cloud services quickly, efficiently and securely.”