Only 18 months after going live, web hosting provider Hetzner – a large hosting company operating its business since 1997, has received the ISO 27001 certificate for information security for its data center campus in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to information security, several other security measures have been implemented during the certification process.

The scope of the ISO 27001 certificate includes infrastructure, operations and customer support at Hetzner’s data centers in Finland. The audit was carried out by FOX Certification GmbH. Hetzner Online’s German data centers received the ISO 27001 certification three years ago. All of Hetzner’s data center parks serve clients worldwide in over 150 countries.

“We are happy to have received the certificate now for Hetzner Finland, too,” said Joonas Terhivuo, CEO of Hetzner Finland. “This is a great way to show our customers that we take security really seriously by maintaining and improving it all the time.”

Hetzner’s data center park in Finland consists of three operational data centers with three additional data centers already under construction. The entire site is 150,000 m², making it spacious enough to accommodate 20 data centers. The site is surrounded by a protective fence, which is almost one and a half kilometers long (!).

Security, Redundancy, People

The security of this data center would consist of many factors and layers. In addition to information security and physical safety aspects, the redundancy of the power supply, the climate control system and the networking infrastructure also play vital roles. In addition, the fire detection systems and infrastructure monitoring systems would need careful planning and implementation. Hetzner’s in-house technicians, who man the data centers around the clock, act as yet another layer of security.

“The data center business is all about safety. Even if people today often focus on information and cyber security, the physical safety aspects are equally important”, said Joonas Terhivuo, CEO of Hetzner Finland. “Guaranteeing the highest level of safety is a top priority of Hetzner. In addition to our secure and redundant infrastructure, we offer our customers DDoS protection. Despite all of our precautions, customers have an important role in improving security as well, for example, by implementing strict password policies and by properly configuring their servers’ firewalls.”

Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers

Two of Hetzner’s data centers in Finland house dedicated root servers and virtual cloud servers which are easily accessible online and quickly deployed by anyone in need of more server capacity. The third data center comprises a colocation center.

“Colocation services are for customers who want to use their own hardware, but do not want to build and maintain their own data center,” added Joonas Terhivuo. “They can bring their hardware to our colocation center and benefit from our secure and redundant data center infrastructure.”