Hidora Launches Switzerland-Based Cloud Hosting Platform for DevOps

Hidora, a company headquartered in n Geneva with its data centers located in Switzerland, has launched its Switzerland-based and SSD-powered cloud platform. The new cloud solution from Hidora would bring performance and flexibility for DevOps.

hidora swiss cloudThe Hidora Cloud hosting service would give companies access to considerable flexible computing power. It offers them freedom to outsource their information system (IS): servers, applications, storage, etc.

DevOps can develop a new environment in a matter of clicks and applications are supported without need for modification or code changes. Hidora’s cloud platform would provide access to an application’s configuration files via a simple user interface. A secured SSH gateway is also available for more complex configurations.

The cloud platform offers a wide choice of application servers, including Java (Tomcat, Glassfish, etc.), PHP (Apache, NGINX, etc.), Ruby, Node.js, .NET and Python, as well as standard servers (Windows, Linux, etc.) and Docker containers. It is continually adding the latest technologies. Any application can be easily deployed using GIT or SVN, says Hidora. The company uses APIs to automate and speed up deployment processes. Once the environment has been created, duplication would be just one click away.

The fact that Hidora’s data centers are located exclusively in Switzerland means that client data is protected by Swiss legislation.