High Availability Now Offers Hive-IO Software Integrated with Lenovo Servers for Total VDI and Hyperconverged Solution

High Availability, a solutions provider and integrator of data center products and cloud services, now offers Hive-IO VDI software integrated with Lenovo servers. Specific optimized Lenovo server configurations are integrated with Hive-IO software and are available from High Availability as a monthly subscription or as a perpetual license.

lenovo servers networking“We looked at providing integrated VDI the traditional way, with separate servers, SANs, and switches, but that approach would have required us to make a large upfront investment without knowing how many customers we would be serving,” said Steve Eisenhart, Chief Operating Officer at High Availability. “Instead of investing heavily at first, we needed a more flexible solution that would allow us to grow our service and costs incrementally.”

High Availability is offering the following Lenovo System x3550 server bundles with Hive-IO software with a price per desktop:

  • Lenovo System x3550 with Hive-IO VDI software for up to 40 users
  • Lenovo System x3550 with Hive-IO VDI software for up to 55 users
  • Lenovo System x3550 with Hive-IO VDI software for up to 85 users

“Without question, cloud computing and virtualized environments are placing unprecedented demands on the data center, and current infrastructure is not cost effective in today’s hyper converged environments,” said Joe Makoid, CEO and co-founder of Hive-IO. “There is a real market need for converged solutions and High Availability as a part of our partner network helps put a powerful and scalable solution in the hands of enterprises that are clamoring to meet the requirements of this new, modern data center.”

High Availability, Inc. customers would come from all key verticals, including markets with significant growth opportunities for VDI such as healthcare, education, retail, and financial services.

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