Hillstone Introduces CloudArmour to Secure Enterprise Cloud Workloads

Phone Tim Liu, Co-Founder and CTO of Hillstone Networks
“As cloud operations are being adopted at a rapid rate, it is imperative that enterprises secure their overall cloud workloads,” said Tim Liu, Co-Founder and CTO of Hillstone Networks.

Hillstone CloudArmour, a complete cloud workload protection platform, is now available from Hillstone Networks, a supplier of infrastructure protection solutions (CWPP). CloudArmour brings Hillstone’s enterprise-grade security to cloud workloads. Its features include firewall micro-segmentation to halt lateral attacks, machine learning-enhanced runtime behavior modeling, and smart policy operations.

CloudArmour helps enterprises address the security expectations of both the expansion of DevOps and the new cloud infrastructure architecture by working across all cloud-based environments.

“As cloud operations are being adopted at a rapid rate, it is imperative that enterprises secure their overall cloud workloads,” said Tim Liu, Co-Founder and CTO of Hillstone Networks. “Anchored by our industry-leading firewalls, CloudArmour provides a comprehensive platform that solves the CWPP need to maximize the safety and security of all enterprise cloud environments.”

Kubernetes Clusters, Network Microsegmentation

Key features of Hillstone’s CloudArmour solution would include:

  • Full and deep security visibility of converged cloud workloads – CloudArmour would deliver a consolidated dashboard for cloud security posture, including statistical and analytical data for hosts and Kubernetes clusters, allowing enterprises to have a unified workload monitoring and real-time asset management.
  • Unified and granular network micro-segmentation – With proprietary traffic steering technology, CloudArmour’s network microsegmentation would adapt to numerous cloud platforms and workloads in a loose-coupling way, offering point-to-point network visibility and granular management depending on applications, services, or nodes.
  • Machine Learning-powered intelligent threat detection and runtime protection – CloudArmour’s threat detection and prevention technology can autonomously identify attacks and reduce risks on all cloud workloads, including containers, virtual machines (VMs), and bare-metal servers, during runtime.
  • Complete vulnerability management across the entire application lifecycle – CloudArmour incorporates security as part of the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process, providing comprehensive insights and control of vulnerabilities in images, containers, working nodes, and hosts.
  • Out-of-box Security Compliance Assessments and Enforcement – CloudArmour evaluates cloud workload compliance utilizing pre-configured CIS Benchmarks compliance checks for Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, images, and application runtime settings. The actions suggested are based on industry best practices, and you may export the results for additional study or auditing.

“In today’s cybersecurity climate, enterprises understand the criticality of securing both virtual machine and container-based application workloads. Regardless of the security of the underlying cloud platform, enterprises need strong assurance around the security posture of their cloud workloads,” said Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at independent research and analysis firm, AvidThink. “Hillstone’s CloudArmour is a stand-alone extension of its established AI-driven cloud workload security platform. It leverages their platform’s proven behavior learning models to deliver enhanced security posture and smart policy assistants. Hillstone’s innovative approach helps ensure the security of workloads in both public and private clouds and should earn a place in enterprises’ risk management software portfolios.”