Hillstone Networks Announces Additional Layer of Security for Customers on Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud)

Hillstone Networks, a provider of network security solutions, has announced its new Hillstone virtual firewall solution, CloudEdge. The new solution is based on the company’s Firewall (NGFW) technology and is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS cloud) in standard and advanced editions.

Hillstone CloudEdge is deployed as an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) gateway to provide an additional layer of comprehensive security protection for AWS Cloud customers. The Hillstone virtual solution integrates with multiple security services, including firewall security, application visibility and identification, VPN, IPS, QoS, SLB, and attack protection, to ensure security for cloud deployments.

New features and benefits from Hillstone Networks’ CloudEdge firewall solution would include:

  • hillstone-networksDedicated Cloud Security Isolation – Hillstone Networks’ CloudEdge inspects all traffic flowing across the Amazon VPC; unauthorized access attempts are prevented based on user and application identification and control.
  • AWS Service and Reliability – Hillstone supports Amazon VPC service maintenance through the integration of a snapshot backup of CloudEdge, enabling “rapid” restoration of virtual firewall services with the most current configuration, in the unlikely event of an appliance failure or system crash.
  • Flexible and Affordable – Hillstone provides granular control based on applications, offers comprehensive reports on Amazon VPC traffic, and would also help AWS Cloud users achieve low cost for network security.

Hillstone Networks’ CloudEdge allows users to provision firewall security whenever and wherever it is needed. In addition to most of the networking services common to Hillstone’s hardware-based appliances, CloudEdge offers:

  • North-South Traffic Inspection – to provide the VPC network with dedicated security isolation via policy control, as well as granular access control, QoS, VPN, IPS and server load balancing to guarantee business continuity.
  • IPSec VPN and SCVPN – for endpoint and hybrid-cloud. Standards-based site-to-site VPN connections are established between the corporate local network, branches and the AWS virtual service.
  • Server load balancing – helping businesses establish an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance.

“Hillstone CloudEdge provides strong security protection for various cloud environments,” said Lingling Zhang, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development of Hillstone Networks. “Our customers want easy-to-use solutions that are available for immediate purchase and deployment. The introduction of Hillstone Networks’ CloudEdge demonstrates our focus on offering comprehensive security solutions that power and promote the customer business.”