Hillstone Networks Announces Upgrade of Its X-Series Data Center Firewall Solution

Hillstone Networks, a provider of network firewall solutions, has announced an upgrade of its X-Series data center firewall solution to complement a broad portfolio of security solutions that span physical, virtual, and cloud.

Today’s data centers face a massive growth in network traffic as well as an increase in the number of concurrent users accessing services and applications over the network. This growth in network traffic puts a strain on the performance and protection of the network.

The latest upgrade of Hillstone Networks’ X-Series would offer a secured firewall solution that can scale through new expansion modules, delivering a high-performance and secured network to support today’s business requirements. Customers can protect their initial investment and non-disruptively scale through easy module expansions.

hillstone networksThe upgrade to Hillstone’s solution would deliver 2X performance in the same small form factor, with improved link-load balance capabilities. According to Hillstone Networks, this makes it an ideal solution for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks, as well as government and financial institutions.

Key features of the upgraded X-Series data center firewall solution would include:

  • High performance at 680Gbps, based on a fully distributed architecture
  • 2X improvement in the number of concurrent sessions (240M) and new sessions/sec (4.8M), according to Hillstone Networks
  • Comprehensive attack protection
  • Carrier-grade high reliability and availability
  • Advanced virtual system (vSYS) technology for multi-tenant solutions
  • Lower energy consumption for reduced operational costs

“The Hillstone X-Series is a breakthrough technology for today’s data centers that require a robust network security solution with large network bandwidth that meets their budget requirements,” said Lingling Zhang, VP of Products, Hillstone Networks. “With the upgrade, our customers can now have peace of mind that their business networks are secure and meet their business needs.”