Hitachi Consulting Introduces New Enterprise Cloud for SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components Solutions

Hitachi Consulting, a subsidiary of Hitachi and a global provider of IT consulting and management consulting solutions and services, has announced an agreement with SAP to deliver a fully integrated Hitachi Consulting Enterprise Cloud for SAP for Industrial Machinery & Components (SAP for IM&C) solutions.

Hitachi Consulting will provide a ready-to-use, subscription-based offering of SAP solutions in its private cloud hosting environment, helping IM&C companies to access SAP software “quickly and easily” without the need for up-front infrastructure costs associated with on-premises software deployments.

The subscription-based Hitachi Consulting Enterprise Cloud for SAP for IM&C solution is built on Hitachi Consulting’s Enterprise Cloud Framework, specifically designed for SAP applications and tailored to address the complexities of various industries. The Enterprise Cloud Framework delivers a capability that is designed to bundle a company’s entire IT environment (whether on-premises or Software-as-a-Service), their applications, integration to third-party systems, as well as managed services – as a single package – for one monthly price.

hitachi_consultingHitachi Consulting Enterprise Cloud solution for discrete manufacturing allows us to help companies across multiple industries realize the potential of SAP applications in a simple, modular, easily accessible environment,” said Michael Driessen, senior vice president at Hitachi Consulting. “With our new solution geared specifically for discrete manufacturing, companies with the most intricate processes and fulfillment needs are now able to capture the operational benefits of SAP software in the cloud.”

Key business capabilities of the Hitachi Consulting Enterprise Cloud for SAP for IM&C include:

  • Inventory and forecasting control – Decrease overhead and forecast material needs in a shifting environment
  • Production and process control – Increase agility of processes and production, vital in discrete manufacturing
  • Product development – Enable integrated R&D management and product development processes
  • Procurement – Automate and streamline procurement processes
  • Supply chain management – Help ensure synchronized demand and supply and avoid out-of-stock situations
  • Manufacturing – Plan and execute both discrete and batch or process manufacturing
  • Environmental, health & safety – Support environmental, occupational and product safety processes, regulatory compliance and corporate responsibility requirements
  • Sales and service – Streamline, automate and integrate sales processes; manage complaints and material returns
  • Quality management and compliance – Manage and document product quality; support financial and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate services – Support critical business functions

sap_enterprise_cloudWith more than 100 industry-specific scenarios spanning finance, accounting, manufacturing, sales, distribution and more, the solution is equipped for the unique challenges of dynamic, discrete manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace and defense, and industrial machinery components.

“Organizations running SAP software can now purchase the infrastructure, software, deployment and management services, and ancillary solutions as a bundle from one source by way of subscription-based pricing,” said Jim Cole, Hitachi Consulting senior vice president, Cloud Solutions. “We plan to deliver standardized modular offerings – think of them as building blocks – with fixed pricing. Think ‘small, medium and large offerings’ with the ability to tailor to each company’s unique needs.”