Hitachi Data Systems’ Adaptive Cloud Tiering Now Available Through the Verizon Cloud Marketplace

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, has announced that Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) adaptive cloud tiering for Verizon Cloud is now available through the Verizon Cloud Marketplace. HCP adaptive cloud tiering for Verizon Cloud would bring the power of a tightly integrated enterprise cloud model together with the sophistication and flexibility of Hitachi enterprise content management.

Hitachi Data Systems will provide a comprehensive implementation and support service via the Verizon Marketplace to assist Verizon Cloud customers in deploying optimal tiering configurations quickly, thus helping to automate and efficiently manage their ever-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data.

Adaptive Cloud Tiering Technology

Hitachi adaptive cloud tiering technology would allow organizations to easily transition from traditional IT to private clouds, from private clouds to hybrid clouds, and from hybrid clouds to public clouds. Verizon Cloud customers would get increased business agility, secured data access, cost optimization through automation, and the flexibility to scale cloud consumption up or down as needed.

verizon-cloudWith Hitachi Content Platform, customers would be enabled to easily create service plans that automatically move selected data to and from Verizon Cloud storage services. Data can also be compressed and encrypted before being sent to the Verizon Cloud while local copies of data can be retained for performance, analytics and other operations.

“Verizon Cloud Marketplace is designed to meet the requirements of enterprise customers by providing one-stop access to the cloud-based applications required to enable their business operations,” said Siki Giunta, senior vice president of cloud services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “Working with companies such as Hitachi Data Systems and others across the cloud ecosystem, we will continue to expand the number of pre-certified cloud applications, to streamline the cloud purchasing process and help enterprises improve efficiency and deployment cycles.”

Verizon Cloud Marketplace

The Verizon Cloud Marketplace is a cloud ecosystem of enterprise-grade technologies that runs on its Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing platform, offering customers a “pay-as-you-go” cloud adoption model with pre-built applications that are certified to operate in the Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage environments.

“Together, Hitachi Data Systems and Verizon help customers harness the power of the cloud while ensuring that their critical application workloads and data management directives perform at their best,” said Mike Walkey, senior vice present, Global Partners and Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems. “Since the inception of hybrid cloud, data management has been difficult to guarantee. By using the power of Hitachi Data Systems and Verizon Cloud, customers can simplify the path to hybrid cloud services.”