Hive-IO Announces Latest Release of Its Desktop Virtualization Software for Hosted and Cloud Solutions, VDI 3.0

The cost and complexity of today’s VDI would be a barrier for companies that need to offer desktop-as-a-service, any time, on any device and anywhere. With Hive-IO‘s VDI 3.0, these barriers are being eliminated. The new release would provide organizations of all sizes highly flexible VDI solutions.

Hive-IO’s VDI 3.0 is a complete software solution that would reduce storage needs, remove vendor sprawl while providing high security options. Hive-IO can be delivered on-premise premise or from a managed services provider. Management of the platform can be done in-house or can be sourced externally to Hive-IO certified partners.

Advantages of Hive-IO VDI 3.0 would include:

  • All features and functions are included as standard.
  • The cost of a typical VDI implementation would be reduced significantly.
  • Customers would be enabled to make significant savings with respect to traditional vendor bloat – eliminated by removing agents, services and compute sprawl.
  • The Hive-IO solution can be delivered from a customer’s data center or in a hybrid cloud solution based on its requirements.
  • Multiple deployment scenarios offered for complete flexibility.

vdi cloud desktops“Hive-IO’s VDI 3.0 software eliminates the need for VMware, Citrix and other costly software components and is the fastest growing virtualization product today. The total cost is lower by far than AWS,” said Joe Makoid, CEO and co-founder of Hive-IO. “Customers are able to get a fully-managed and faster VDI deployment and a totally integrated solution up and running in minutes.”

A historical overview:

  • VDI 1.0 – 2002/2003 – Early RDP implementations and customer experimentation – Primarily for task workers with limited video audio capability
  • VDI 2.0 – 2007 – Included legacy hypervisor layered solutions with hypervisor storage acceleration. Remote video only available in separate layers and is costly, and difficult to manage and integrate. Additionally, to achieve PC-like performance requires special engineering resources, significant management server resources.
  • VDI 3.0 – 2016/2017 – a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources and other technologies from scratch in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor in Hive-IO.

Hive-IO delivers “the power, value and agility” of the public cloud with all the security, control and governance of the private cloud. The Hive-IO VDI solution is in use in some of the largest virtual infrastructure implementations across the world.

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