Hive-IO Announces New Capabilities for Its IaaS Cloud Compute Platform

Hive-IO, a company that launched its software-defined compute platform for large enterprise and SMB customers earlier this month, has announced new capabilities for its cloud platform among which a Hypervisor Engine, Storage Acceleration, and a Message Bus Engine.

The software-defined compute solution is available as a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering for large enterprise and SMB customers. It provides a single unified holistic solution for VDI, servers, storage and infrastructure virtualization.

The latest features in Hive-IO’s software-defined compute platform (version 6) include:

  • Hypervisor Engine – Multi-tenant and fully isolated
  • Storage Acceleration – Native RAM-based and de-duplication with built in compression.
  • Message Bus Engine – Inventory, user profiles, KPI management, guest control and security forensics APIs.
  • Provisioning Engine – Single-pane-of-glass web management interface with logical pooling of guests across multiple appliances.
  • Orchestration Engine – Open message bus API capable of accepting custom calls multiple software platforms without management architecture.
  • Native Client Broker – Serves HTML5, RDP and plugs into Active Directory.

cloud-compute-platform“This latest set of ongoing advances helps Hive-IO clients enhance strategic value and lower TCO within their organizations,” said Kevin McNamara, CTO and Founder, Hive-IO. “With superior performance over current products, an advanced unified set of features, minimal setup, and automation; the platform’s software-define compute solution leads the way in an industry encumbered by long implementations and high costs.”

Hive-IO’s software-defined compute platform is delivered on-premise or in hybrid cloud while data will never leave a customer’s premises. The company offers clients the ability to manage a solution themselves or let Hive-IO manage it remotely.

“The Hive-IO team originated from R&D teams of some of the worlds largest financial institutions and have been involved in the creation and deployment of massive virtualization platforms numbering hundreds of thousands of nodes across all geographies,” said Joe Makoid, President, CEO and Founder, Hive-IO. “Our customers see Hive-IO cloud-enablement with a simplified architecture as a clear enhancement to their existing implementations.”