Hivelocity Bare-Metal Servers Now Available in Miami, Florida

Hivelocity, a Tampa, Florida-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider delivering dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions, has added Miami, Florida to their list of United States edge computing markets where Hivelocity’s ‘Instant Deploy Bare-Metal Servers’ are now available.

Miami joins Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City and Tampa to the growing list of cities where Hivelocity offers its full suite of IaaS hosting solutions. Hivelocity’s new Miami data center would add another network route Hub between the U.S. and Central/South America.

Hivelocity Steve Eschweiler
“Within the coming weeks and months we will build more and more servers for the Miami market,” said Steve Eschweiler, COO of Hivelocity.

“With two 30,000 square foot data centers in Florida already, we long ago built out a network specifically optimized for Latin America,” said Steve Eschweiler, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hivelocity. “Our purpose built network has performed so well throughout Latin America, Brazil is now our 2nd largest market behind only the United States. Our new bare-metal server offerings in Miami further enhance the advantages we already provide customers in South and Central America. Our world-class Spanish speaking technical support and customer service teams, coupled with unparalleled network performance in Central and South America makes Hivelocity the easy choice for Latin American businesses seeking IaaS in the United States.”

Bare-Metal Server Configurations

Currently, Hivelocity offers 25 instantly deployable bare-metal server configurations with 5 of those configurations immediately available in Miami, Florida. Additionally, the IaaS provider offers custom built servers with thousands of possible server configurations, which deploy in 1-5 days depending on the complexity and data center. All of Hivelocity’s ‘Instant Deploy and Custom Built’ dedicated servers are available with Linux or Windows.

According to Steve Eschweiler, Hivelocity intends to add more bare-metal server configurations to Miami, FL in the near future as well as open new markets in the U.S. and abroad. “Within the coming weeks and months we will build more and more servers for the Miami market ultimately growing the number of available configurations to a dozen or so, similar to our Los Angeles and New York data centers,” added Mr. Eschweiler.