Holland Colors Opts For Hybrid Cloud Solution from Proact

Holland Colours, a globally operating Dutch company specializing in the production of color concentrates and additives for the coloring of plastics and paints, has opted for a hybrid cloud solution from Proact (STO:PACT). The organization has concluded a three-year contract.

The current infrastructure of Holland Colours was outdated and could not sufficiently meet the demands and requirements of the business. Instead of carrying out a traditional renovation with new hardware and software, the company looked for a partner that could provide a more flexible (hybrid) cloud solution, with the goal of improved services to the business 24×7. 

“Thanks to the success of our business and the fact that we are operating internationally in different time zones, it became increasingly difficult to provide our business with flexible, cost-effective and highly available IT services,” said Wilfred Van Essen, IT Manager, Holland Colours. “By choosing Proact, we are unburdened 24×7, and can focus primarily on what is important for our business.”

lucas den os proact
“Proact works in a partnership as an extension of customers such as Holland Colours,” said Lucas den Os, Managing Director of Proact Netherlands.

Within the cloud solution, Holland Colours has opted for a converged data center infrastructure solution from Proact, implemented in the Holland Colours data center, supplemented with Back-Up and Disaster Recovery services from Proact’s data center. All this is completely under the management of Proact, so that HCA can primarily focus on the (business) applications.

The cloud solution can be scaled up or down easily, and the IT infrastructure can thereby be easily adapted to the specific needs of the organization. Not only is the cost flexible and scaled to their current needs, but a reduction of the IT costs over the entire contract period will also be achieved through the consolidation and rationalization of various data center components.

Cisco, NetApp and VMware

The architecture is based on FlexPod, which consists of the well-known market leaders Cisco, NetApp and VMware. More specifically, this involves the delivery of a complete pre-validated solution, consisting of network, storage, compute and security, which are pre-matched to each other and are already used by more than 2,500 Proact customers. Holland Colours are safe in the knowledge that they are obtaining a proven solution and, in case of an emergency, can also fall back on the supplementary backup and disaster recovery services for maximum business continuity.

“Companies nowadays want IT to operate increasingly in the service of the business and to organise its key processes,” said Lucas den Os, Managing Director of Proact Netherlands. “The cloud is an important enabler here, but a customer-focused approach in terms of service from the service provider and the design of the environment is crucial for success. In addition to the SLA agreements, HCA also benefits from a distinctive approach to ensure user and customer satisfaction (eXperience level agreement), rather than just an SLA. Proact works in a partnership as an extension of customers such as Holland Colours, thereby allowing the IT department to focus on innovation and the development of new, business-related IT services.”

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