Host4ASP.NET Releases 3 Hong Kong Web Hosting Packages

Host4ASP.NET, an ASP.NET hosting service provider located in Chicago, has released three Hong Kong web hosting packages for people who focus their businesses on China and any other Asian countries. To launch the new service, Host4ASP.NET has adopted a Hong Kong data center equipped with more than 100+ quality Dell servers, UPS, dozens of diesel generators and some additional “cutting-edge” technologies.

hong-kong-data-centerIn terms of web hosting feature, the 3 Hong Kong web hosting packages share some similarities, including the latest Microsoft technology, WebSitePanel, unlimited bandwidth, etc. However, there are also some differences in this aspect. For example, except the Basic Plan, the other 2 plans both come with unlimited disk space. In addition, the Business Plan includes a domain, SSL certificate and dedicated IP for free, while the others do not.

Technicians are monitoring Host4ASP.NET’s Hong Kong data center, servers and network 24×7, aiming to resolve any sudden issue immediately to ensure hosted sites run smoothly and stably.