HostDime ECHO

HostDime Echo is a new service that we are offering that allows for maximum redundancy.


Here I am, working very hard and efficiently as most servers do. One thing that sets me apart is that I am equipped with HostDime Echo. Echo is a new service that we offer in which an exact replica of your new server is created and updated in real time. The Echo server is always running on idle with an exact copy of the master server. If something were to happen to the master server, the Echo server assumes all duties of the original master server.

Now that the Echo server has taken over, it is now the master server. When the original server is back online, it becomes the Echo server and runs on standby in the event that something happens to the new master server. Lets go into the server room to show you how this works.

The bottom server is the master server while the top server is the Echo server. They are always connected, and always identical.

If the Echo server senses a malfunction in the master server, it will automatically take over while the other server is being worked on.

Once the original master server is back to normal, it takes over the same replicating functions as the new master server had previously.

The cycle repeats itself as long as you are and Echo customer.

As you can see, HostDime Echo allows for maximum data redundancy. If you have a business that needs ultimate redundancy, take a look at the link below and talk to our experienced sales staff about setting up Echo for your business.

Duration: 1:26
Publisher: HostDime
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