HostDime Interview with Sam Morris (NOC Supervisor)

Vikki of HostDime interview Sam Morris, the NOC supervisor. Sam talks about the importance of the HostDime datacenter and new things that are happening with web hosting.


Hi and welcome back to the HostDime channel. My name is Vikki and today I am at the DimeNOC data center in Orlando Florida, and today we are with Sam, How are you doing today Sam? Pretty Good. Awesome. Sam is our NOC supervisor. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the people that work at HostDime, and what they do, so you can get an understanding of the people that are behind the scenes and behind the screens. Thanks for being here Sam, can you tell us a little about what you do as a NOC supervisor. Yea basically I oversee NOC operations as far as our system administrators and system techs. We oversee the servers, watch for overloads stuff like that, we do reboot requests, upgrades, downgrades, any sort of physical interaction with the servers. We are kind of like the first line of defense against that sort of stuff. So you’re also looking for server overload, let’s say someone is on a VPS or a Reseller server, you are looking out for someone who is using too many resources that could be problematic for another person? Correct. We basically have a set of monitors in place that alert us to any sort of overload or service down, and then we will counsel a server or try to SSH to it and see what is going on. So Sam is there anything new and exciting going on at the NOC that you can tell us about? Yea we have a new co-location room being built which will give us more co-location space. We also have a network room being built which is going to house our new network hardware. We also have a new cooling infrastructure going in which will separate our hot and cold rows better. That’s awesome. I notice every time that I come to the NOC, I mean I am here occasionally and you’re here every day, but every time I come we have something new and exciting going on, whether it’s more cabinets, upgraded networks, new build rooms (that sort of thing), it’s really exciting. Well thank you everybody for joining us on the HostDime channel, we hope to see you really soon, Thank you Sam.

Duration: 2:12
Publisher: HostDime
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