HostDime’s Brazil Data Center Fully Powered by Solar Energy

HostDime has announced the commencement of construction on a solar power facility in Joo Pessoa, Brazil, that will power the whole data center located here. The $1.2 million (R5,500,000 BRL) investment in the solar power farm will be enough to power the data center’s full present power infrastructure (1.2MW), as well as the 30 percent expansion scheduled for this year.

On a 15-acre site bought by HostDime in Paraba, the first phase of development includes the construction of almost 2,000 photovoltaic modules (solar panels) with a peak power of 540 watts spanning 130,100 square feet. The facility is planned to generate an average of 122,500 kWh each month, equivalent to the monthly consumption of more than 800 Brazilian households.

The technical team at HostDime chose MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) technology, which improves energy efficiency by eliminating shade tolerance and mismatches while also increasing dependability and flexibility. This initiative, which is slated to be completed by July this year, would likely save $35,000 each month in the first year (R160,000 BRL).

HostDime says its solar farm demonstrates to their employees, clients, and the general public that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values are of paramount significance.

“A data center is a huge consumer of energy inherently due to the nature of the business. Being able to use 100 percent of this consumption from a clean renewable source is something HostDime is really proud of,” said Filipe Mendes, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at HostDime Brazil. “We hope to be a technology company aligned with global sustainability goals. This solar plant will ensure our direct energy consumption is being done in a responsible way that we control. To say our entire data center in Brazil is powered by the sun is an impressive accomplishment.”

Bare-Metal Servers, Cloud Servers, Colocation

HostDime Brazil’s soon-to-be Tier IV rated facility (it is currently Tier III, but is being converted to Tier IV) would be one the most certified data centers in Latin America. It would feature seals that validate essential resources for excellence in mission-critical operations, such as infrastructure quality, redundancy, availability, information security, continuity, data privacy management, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

The PUE of HostDime’s Brazil data center is less than 1.5. PUE stands for Power Usage Effectiveness, and it measures how energy is used effectively in a data center. The lower the PUE, the better.

HostDime operates its purpose-built data centers in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and the USA. In all of its worldwide edge data center locations, HostDime offers a variety of cloud-native infrastructure products and services, including physical bare-metal servers, cloud servers, colocation, and Hardware-as-a-Service.

“We are constantly evolving our data center designs and best practices to create energy efficiencies and promote ESG, so that we can build and operate facilities that positively impact the next generations,” added David Vivar, Vice President of Global Engineering of HostDime Global.

As a global carrier-neutral data center infrastructure provider, HostDime has owned networks available in the United Kingdom, India, and Hong Kong, as well as purpose-built public data center facilities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and their flagship site in Florida, USA.