HostDime’s DimeNOC Data Center Tour

Can’t make it to Orlando, FL to see our DimeNOC data center? Then, join us on a virtual tour!

HostDime is a privately owned, leading web hosting provider offering managed services that range from reliable entry level to secure enterprise level hosting. Since its founding in late 2001, the fully supported managed services and tools the company offers have empowered users to do more – cost effectively.


Welcome to the DimeNOC data cent which was opened in 2003 and acts as the heart of all HostDime’s North America operations. It is also the home of all our US based clientele. Hostdime offers a wide range of fully managed web hosting services including Shared, Reseller, VPS, and dedicated server options. We also offer completely customizable colocation solutions to meet any of your needs. HostDime has become well known in the web hosting industry for being one of the most expansive hosting companies in the world. With over 200 employees and more than 1 million domains hosted on our network, we currently operate in 6 international locations including Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Israel, India, and the United Kingdom, with plans to grow into more locations in the future. It all started her however, in our 17,000 square foot DimeNOC data center located just outside Orlando fl. The entrance to our data center includes multiple high tech security checkpoints such as a secured front office and sign in station with biometric hand recognition software, both of which must be passed before getting entry to the data center floor. Our data center also has over 20 security cameras throughout the facility that our monitored 24.7 by our onsite staff. All of our clients have full access to our state of the art facilities including an onsite conference room which can be used at your leisure and server build room which can be used anytime day or night. In this room we have all of our NOC technicians and management staff who are available 24.7 to diagnose any server hardware or network wide issues. They also monitor uptime and connectivity to all servers hosted in the data center using our custom in house developed monitoring software. We have also expanded our build room to accommodate additional server space. This results in quicker server deployments and faster repair times, ultimately reducing downtime for you and your clients. Our data center floor currently houses over 5000 servers, with the power and infrastructure in place to accomadate nearly twice that amount. We house our servers in brand new APC cabinets with hot and cold isles for efficient and effective cooling. HostDime also has space avaialable, apart from our main data center floor that is ready to be utilized for private colocation needs. The dimeNOC data center has 3 powerware UPS systems with 5 battery strings to help regulate power to and from our redundant diesel generators in the event of a local power outage. These systems are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are constantly in working order. We want to thank you for taking the time to view our DimeNOC data center tour. Please, feel free to contact us anytime day or night. We will be here to answer your questions.

Duration: 3:14
Publisher: HostDime
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