Hosting Company STRATO Adds Dropsuite Email Archiving to Portfolio

STRATO, one of the largest hosting companies in Europe with currently more than 60,000 dedicated servers under management in two ISO-certified data centers in Germany, has added Dropsuite’s fully automated email archiving solution to its product offering.

Dropsuite Email Archiving provides ongoing, rapid access to decades of business information (email files and attachments). The software includes compliance tools for GDPR, GoBD, HGB and AO, plus eDiscovery, legal hold, flexible retention periods, tamper-proof audit trails and more.

For this partnership, Dropsuite and STRATO created a “seamless STRATO-branded customer experience,” so that email archiving could be “easily” added to existing STRATO customer accounts or bundled with STRATO products in the checkout.

“Dropsuite’s email archiving software helps companies to quickly and easily archive their entire business correspondence so that the strict legal requirements can be fulfilled,” said Dr. Christian Boeing, CEO of STRATO. 

GDPR Responder

Solutions contained in the Dropsuite product include EU compliant email archiving and GDPR Responder. GDPR Responder is a solution that’s included within Dropsuite Email Archiving, making it easier for businesses to fulfill GDPR copy and erasure requests so they are compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. Maintaining privacy and fulfilling data access mandates using a tool like GDPR Responder would help organizations avoid costly non-compliance penalties.

“Dropsuite Email Archiving arms businesses with tools to respond to GDPR requests and audits,” said Ridley Ruth, COO of Dropsuite. “We are excited to partner with STRATO to bring email archiving protection to the European market.”

Dropsuite follows a security assurance program that uses global privacy and data protection best practices to ensure all data is safe. For STRATO, this means that all customer email content is stored in STRATO’s Berlin cloud data center and will not move or be replicated outside of Germany without STRATO’s prior consent.