Hosting Infrastructure Provider NetActuate Selects CyrusOne Data Centers

NetActuate, a hybrid colocation and cloud hosting and network infrastructure provider from Raleigh, North Carolina, has selected CyrusOne to host its data center services hub in Raleigh-Durham.

NetActuate will connect the company’s global edge platform that extends to 67 data centers worldwide, as well as host their disaster recovery services for other markets from their data center footprint within the CyrusOne Raleigh-Durham Data Center.

“We’re excited about incorporating the hardened features of a newly-commissioned expansion in this world-class data center to further expand our offerings of infrastructure services, cloud connectivity, interconnection and the global BGP Anycast network to our customer base worldwide,” said Mark Mahle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NetActuate. “As we continue to grow, Raleigh has become our operational center, and we appreciate CyrusOne’s commitment to the Research Triangle technology community. The redundant, highly-connected infrastructure offered by CyrusOne’s data center right here in Raleigh allows NetActuate customers to connect to every major carrier and cloud around the globe.”

Global Data Centers

CyrusOne operates 44 data centers across the United States, Europe, and Asia to provide customers with the “flexibility and scale” to match their specific IT growth needs. CyrusOne data centers are engineered to include the power-density infrastructure required to deliver high availability, including an architecture with the highest available power redundancy (2N).

With core presence in 29 carrier hotels, 21 Internet exchanges and 67 edge PoP(s), NetActuate would be a critical infrastructure and operational partner for companies that require a strong footprint in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.