HOSTING Launches Monitoring Service Powered by ScienceLogic

HOSTING, a provider of managed cloud services, has announced the launch of a hybrid cloud monitoring solution, HOSTING Monitoring Insights. The solution combines HOSTING managed services and proprietary dashboards with ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT monitoring solutions.

sciencelogic cloud monitoringThe new monitoring service would deliver a holistic and comprehensive view of hybrid cloud environments.

“Among service providers vying for a place in the crowded cloud space, HOSTING excels at understanding the core needs of its enterprise base,” said Peter Luff, Director of Product Marketing, ScienceLogic. “CIOs have made it clear that visibility and trust go hand in hand, so giving customers granular visibility into their cloud and hosted IT environments allows them to validate and capitalize on their decision to move to the cloud.”

Monitoring Insights is now available, both directly from HOSTING or through a HOSTING partner.

“The reality of today for many organizations involves using multiple platforms to monitor devices across a number of disparate cloud and on-premise environments,” said Don Barlow, Chief Operations Officer (COO) of HOSTING. “With ScienceLogic, we can proactively manage the health of critical business processes across the whole environment, which is incredibly powerful for organizations striving to shift their focus to creating value for their business.”