Hosting Provider OnRamp Partners with Neverfail to Limit Risk of Downtime for Critical Business Applications

OnRamp, a hosting provider with expertise in building, deploying and managing high security compliance solutions for colocation, managed hosting, private clouds and disaster recovery, has announced a partnership with Neverfail, a global supplier of IT continuity management software.

hosting-provider-onrampNeverfail’s suite of solutions will identify OnRamp customers’ business critical applications and any gaps in protection that could jeopardize their ability to meet SLAs in the event of a disaster. Neverfail’s IT continuity software can detect the broadest range of failures and respond to it by automatically taking the most appropriate corrective action to keep critical applications up and running.

By leveraging Neverfail’s software running on the dedicated server hardware housed within one of OnRamp’s data center facilities, the two companies can collectively ensure the safety of critical IT operations for their customers.

Total business continuity

“For businesses that cannot afford the down time, loss of productivity, and the resulting loss of data and revenue associated with equipment failure or disasters of any kind, coupling Neverfail’s SaaS solutions with OnRamp’s disaster recovery solutions is an excellent way to ensure total business continuity,” said OnRamp Chief Architect John Thurik.

OnRamp was founded in 1994 in Austin, TX. Today, OnRamp is a hosting company with data center facilities in Texas and North Carolina that delivers a full suite of cloud hosting, high security hosting, colocation, and disaster recovery services.

Neverfail’s software helps thousands of customers around the world by providing continuous insight in to which IT infrastructure supports each business service, protecting critical applications against downtime and assuring that disaster recovery plans will always work.

The news of this partnership closely follows the release of Neverfail’s IT Continuity Engine 7.0, in early February, and comes just days before the opening of OnRamp’s third data center facility, a 42,000 square foot facility in Austin, which would feature the highest levels of security and redundancy.