Hosting Provider OnRamp Partners with Ostendio to Help Businesses Maintain HIPAA Compliance

OnRamp, a provider of high security hosting, cloud servers, high-density colocation and disaster recovery services, has teamed with Ostendio, Inc., a compliance management company to collectively assist businesses in meeting and maintaining HIPAA compliance both in and outside their data center environment.

The news comes just months after the United States Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights (OCR) issued a new set of HIPAA-related audit protocols, which focus on evaluating the ability of both covered entities and business associates to uphold the HIPAA and HITECH privacy, security, and breach notification rules.

By offering to incorporate Ostendio’s MyVirtualComplianceManager (MyVCM) into OnRamp’s HIPAA compliant hosting, the combined solution would provide a more comprehensive means of meeting HIPAA requirements and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.

Compliance management

managed-hosting-healthcareMyVCM, a SaaS based compliance management solution, allows businesses to create, store and manage internal compliance polices online. The platform ensures all policies are kept current and enables its customers to make sure that all employees have acknowledged and demonstrated an understanding of their respective compliance-related obligations. It also helps the company track where regulated data is stored within their IT environment and whether the data is being accessed appropriately.

When paired with OnRamp’s 3-Step HIPAA Risk Management Process, a tool that walks colocation, managed hosting, private cloud and disaster recovery customers through a process to diagnose, assess and manage any threats, vulnerabilities and risks to their IT infrastructure hosted at OnRamp, the two solutions would create a foundation for compliance that accounts not only for physical & technical requirements of HIPAA but the administrative requirements as well.

OnRamp is a U.S. hosting provider with data center facilities in Texas and North Carolina. The company ensures compliance in the healthcare, financial services and other industries with high security needs, helping them meet the rigorous compliance requirements associated with HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FISMA and FERPA.