Hosting Provider QuadraNet Releases Intelligent Monitoring Platform

QuadraNet, a U.S. data center services and hosting provider based in Los Angeles, has launched their new Intelligent Monitoring Platform, QuadraNet IMP. The monitoring, management and diagnostic platform would be designed to provide increased levels of proactive support management and service quality.

cloud servers quadranetQuadraNet IMP would feature a host of tools and administration data, developed as a response to the gained experience incurred over the nearly two decades in which QuadraNet has been offering managed services to clients around the globe.

The Intelligent Monitoring Platform is included with all QuadraNet’s proactive managed service plans, and is immediately available for use. As an extensible framework, proactive managed clients would receive ongoing benefits as improvements and new features are added to QuadraNet IMP in the future.

“The core of our Intelligent Monitoring Platform includes a series of service-based monitors that provide a persistent real-time stream of insightful operational-health detail that then logically executes systematic and beneficial server adjustments,” said Andrew Moore, QuadraNet’s Support & Facilities Manager – an instrumental figure in the project management and development of QuadraNet IMP. “Unlike other service monitors, IMP learns the unique role requirements of the server, continuously optimizes that role’s effectiveness, and provides proactive remedies along with immediate communication to our always-staffed support department for issues that need to be escalated for manual review. The end-result is that now every managed server receives proactive administration on-par with having a full-time dedicated server administrator; only now, at super-human speeds and without the cost.”

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