Hosting Provider Serverpoint Introduces Fast VPS Hosting

The Las Vegas based hosting provider Serverpoint has released the 3rd generation of its Linux and Windows VPS hosting platform built on its cloud infrastructure. The entirely new virtual server platform is named ColossusCloud. According to Serverpoint the new virtual server infrastructure is pretty fast with high levels of embedded security.

ColossusCloud Generation 3, as the platform is named in full offers a variety of features designed to reduce the time it takes to deploy virtual machines. Serverpoint, not a hosting reseller but a data center and hardware owner, states that applications powered by ColossusCloud run faster than any previous generation platforms in the industry thanks to hardware storage acceleration.

The virtual server platform would be ideal for the rapid deployment of resources, allowing for scalability to up to 192GBs of RAM, up to 2TBs of storage and up to eight CPU cores.

One of the racks with Colossus servers, Serverpoint´s line of enterprise level virtual servers

Feature: UpdateCentral

“The third generation of our platform is designed to be about five times faster than our previous one, allowing for deployments of virtual servers in just minutes. It is also powered by a brand new 10gigabit network as well as the fastest storage devices in the industry,” says Erik Johnson, CTO at “The platform includes features such as UpdateCentral, which makes it easy to keep your virtual machines up to date, and intra-zone private networking, a feature that increases security of your data between virtual machines.”

Established in 1998, is a hosting company that offers high quality Linux and Windows web hosting services, among which dedicated server hosting and cloud based VPS hosting to thousands of customers worldwide. operates a network powered by dual redundant routers and multiple 10gig connections to network providers like Level 3, Cogent and Global Crossing.