Hosting Provider ServInt Introduces New SolidFire SSD-powered VPS Product Line

ServInt, a provider of managed cloud hosting for businesses worldwide, has introduced its new VPS hosting product line, SolidFire SSD VPS, designed to dramatically increase the speed and reliability of small-business websites.

vps-hosting-providers-servIntThe SolidFire SSD VPS is a complete reimagining of ServInt’s decade-old VPS hosting platform, redesigned from the ground up to solve the longstanding problems of VPS environments faced by the entire web and cloud hosting industry.

ServInt focused its redesign efforts on maximizing speed, resource transparency, and delivering complete resource-performance guarantees at every level. The resulting new platform would couple the raw speed of massive SSD storage arrays with performance guarantees, including disk-speed performance guarantees enabled by SolidFire’s all-flash storage systems, at price points that make SolidFire and SSD accessible to small businesses.

Minimum sustained IOPS

The elimination of disk-resource contention, or “the noisy neighbor problem”, is another advantage offered by the new VPS solution. With its SolidFire SSD VPS solution, ServInt is now able to provide real guarantees on minimum sustained IOPS, eliminating a major server-based cause of site slow-downs for virtualized hosting customers.

“The ServInt SolidFire SSD VPS is particularly well suited for small businesses because it provides complete resource-performance guarantees for many of the apps used by most small-business sites,” said ServInt CTO Matthew Loschert. “This is especially true for e-commerce sites, sites that require blog caching, and sites that rely heavily on historical e-mail. Any database-driven or file-backed sites will benefit enormously from this product. Users of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento in particular will find our new product line to be highly beneficial.”