Hosting Provider Site5 Adds Website Builder goMobi to its Offerings

reseller-hosting-site5Mobile is a rapidly growing space and, as a result, Site5 needed a solution that enables communication across all mediums, not just the computer. As a provider of mobile website solutions, goMobi would be a natural fit for Site5’s web hosting offerings.  

goMobi is designed to help anyone with a website make the move to mobile. With simple features, a  user-friendly interface and code-free installation, it would be quite easy for website owners to develop a mobile presence.

Reseller hosting

“It is robust, yet easy to use, and designed to simplify the process of creating a mobile web presence, and offering goMobi just made sense,” said Tom Sepper, Chief Operating Officer, Site5. “We are very excited to bring this functionality to our customers.”

Site5 is an interesting web hosting company, with 100+ team members on-staff around the world, but: working from their homes. The spread of staff around the world helps to deliver its hosting services and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company is well-known among website and app developers and has a strong focus on reseller hosting facilitating the developers community.

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