Hosting Provider Site5 Announces CloudFlare CDN Integration

cloudflare-cdn-hostingSite5, a global hosting provider specializing in reseller hosting, has announced that CloudFlare integration is now rolling out across all its managed servers. The CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration would provide global increases in speed and security.

CloudFlare is a cloud-based CDN (Content Distribution Network) and security service. The CDN solution works by providing a worldwide network of servers that visitors to a site connect to, which complements Site5’s global network of locations.

Reseller hosting

Site5 is rolling out integration between its SiteAdmin and reseller hosting servers (including managed VPS) and CloudFlare. This integration means that enabling CloudFlare on a website requires just a couple of clicks, without leaving the control panel or messing around with changing name-servers or DNS.

The CloudFlare servers cache website content, so that static content (e.g. most images, JavaScript, CSS) is served immediately. At the same time as serving the static content to users, they communicate with the hosting server to fetch dynamic content. The net result would be that pages load much faster for end-users. The Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution also provides an additional layer of security from a wide range of threats, so that malicious traffic never gets as far as the hosting server.