Hosting Provider SiteGround Selects StorPool for Its Container-Based Hosting Service

SiteGround, a large hosting provider with currently about 450 employees working from 6 different offices, has chosen StorPool for its container-based hosting service. According to their statement, SiteGround has achieved hundreds of times faster performance by using StorPool’s distributed storage solution.

One of the biggest challenges for the hosting vendor was to increase redundancy by implementing a cost-effective shared storage solution. SiteGround was also looking at ways to increase the performance (IOPS) and throughput (Mbps) of their storage system.

By using StorPool’s distributed storage system, in case of any hardware issue, SiteGround would now be able to minimize downtime to next to none by having all instances running on a particular dedicated server to be instantly powered up on another dedicated server.

storpool distributed storage“StorPool’s solution and scaling model allows us to achieve hundreds of times faster performance and scale both computing and storage clusters instantly,” said Ivaylo Nikolov, CIO of SiteGround. According to SiteGround, they have been able to save a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars on investment in a traditional storage array.

StorPool was founded in 2011 to make storage simpler yet more effective and affordable. Better storage would mean practically better hosting. StorPool’s distributed storage would allow hosting companies to cut costs on larger storage arrays and at the same time bring more performance to their end customers.

“Оne of the key differentiators between SiteGround’s enterprise web hosting services and other solutions on the market is our extreme cost-effectiveness without compromising on power and resilience,” said Tenko Nikolov, CEO of SiteGround. “We consistently hit top results in our regular performance benchmarks and back that up with a 99.99% or higher SLAs. Using StorPool along with a low-latency and high bandwidth InfiniBand network allows us to match the speed of local SSD storage, which is amazing. To top that up, having a distributed storage that can easily be accessed by any server in the cluster means we can practically eliminate downtime or reduce it to mere seconds in case of a hardware failure, which makes our services incredibly reliable.”

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