Hosting Provider Webzilla Joins the PLIX and NIX.CZ Internet Exchanges

Webzilla, a global provider of managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and CDN, has joined Internet Exchanges in Poland (PLIX) and Czech Republic (NIX.CZ). The company adds them to its existing network of 14 exchanges, including the world’s largest IXs in Germany (DE-CIX) and the Netherlands (AMS-IX).

dedcicated-servers-webzillaNIX.CZ is the largest neutral IX in the Czech Republic and is in the top 10 list of European IXs. NIX.CZ connects 119 networks and its data flow peak is currently at 286.5Gbps with capacity of 1506.5Gbps. In 2010 the exchange migrated from a “ring” topology to a virtualized “dual star”, which provides not only greater stability to the whole platform but also simplifies further development.

With peaks of 303.3Gbps, PLIX holds more than 350 active ports and is the only neutral IX point in Poland. Given its location, the exchange would offer growth opportunities and extremely low latency to Poland and Eastern Europe.

Working with the Czech and Polish IXs would further improve Webzilla’s redundancy and low-latency offering in the region. Webzilla will collaborate with other internet service providers to optimize its peering connections to distant regions, by utilizing their networks.

Minimize latency

“Our private network’s redundancy is already at a very high level, however we are constantly on the move and try to improve in every way possible,” said Konstantin Bezruchenko, CTO of Webzilla. “By connecting networks, the exchanges minimize latency not only in their regions but remote areas too. They also reduce costs by lowering the traffic we need to move through our private backbone. Utilizing the internet exchanges is a sign of growth and these two additions prove our dedication to continue providing the best possible services.”

Webzilla is a global provider of managed dedicated servers, cloud servers and CDN, with a private backbone network linking multiple carrier-neutral datacenters in Europe (Luxembourg and the Netherlands), North America (Texas) and Asia (India and Singapore). The Webzilla brand is part of XBT Holding, a privately-owned company founded in 2005, with offices in eight countries.