Interviews Spike CEO Dvir Ben-Aroya at CloudFest 2019

Spike: “We Have Raised $5 Million, Focus Stays on Hosting Market”

At Cloudfest 2019, had a VIDEO interview with Spike CEO and co-founder Dvir Ben-Aroya. Last year, this conversational email provider was known under the brand name Hop Email. In this video interview, Mr. Ben Aroya explains why they changed the name into Spike. He also shares with us some news about a new funding round including investments from web development platform Wix, Koa Labs, and NFX.

Spike already has tens of thousands of active users and sees continual monthly growth. This new $5 million funding round would be used to expand Spike’s reach in the small business market and spearhead an open alternative to the closed silos of other workplace collaboration tools.

What the software is about? Spike would make businesses and professionals more productive by enhancing the way they communicate internally and externally. Spike fuses conventional email with instant messaging to eliminate long email threads and encourage prompt responses from contacts, resulting in time saved. The software also has group features that can be used to facilitate collaboration and manage tasks and projects. Its file management functionality allows users to preview any file type within the message.

“The way people communicate is changing,” said Nir Zohar, President and COO of Wix. “Users demand more features that allow them to easily accomplish tasks while seamlessly collaborating with colleagues and clients. This is why we’ve decided to invest in Spike.”


In the following VIDEO interview at CloudFest 2019, Spike CEO Dvir Ben-Aroya is not only talking about the $5 million investment round. He also shares with us what special ‘open source based’ relationship Spike has with Open-Xchange – the global provider of web-based communication, collaboration and office productivity software. By the way, in the coming days we will also publish a video interview with Open-Xchange CEO and co-founder Rafael Laguna, so stay tuned.

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