Interviews Virtuozzo CEO Alex Fine at CloudFest 2019

Virtuozzo is delivering its software defined storage solutions to hosting companies such as Strato, 1&1 and GoDaddy, but what exactly do these hosting providers gain by using Virtuozzo? At CloudFest 2019 last week in Germany, had a VIDEO interview with Alex Fine, a Parallels and industry veteran who joined Virtuozzo (again) a few months ago as CEO.

In this video interview Alex Fine shares with us what the market may expect from his recent assignment as Virtuozzo’s new CEO. The interview is conducted at CloudFest in a ‘meeting van,’ sponsored by Virtuozzo. It is a quiet place amidst the noise from the party music that CloudFest is known for, as the event’s motto is: Work Hard, Play Hard.

Alex Fine explains for what their Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform brings to the hosting market. It would help hosting providers to reinvent their hosting portfolio’s by upgrading their traditional Virtual Private Servers (VPS hosting) to a Virtual Cloud offering. Virtuozzo’s new CEO also provides us some information on extending the Virtuozzo business and client reach from (hosting) service providers to a business model that includes enterprise clients as well.

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