HOSTKEY Unveils Dedicated Servers Based on New GPU RTX3080 Graphics Cards

HOSTKEY, an Internet hosting provider with availability in Amsterdam, Moscow, and New York, is now accepting pre-orders for dedicated servers based on the new GPU RTX 3080Ti graphics cards. The new GPU cards are due to arrive in the second half of September.

NVIDIA’s newest GPU card family includes the RTX3080 and RTX3080Ti offering ultimate performance. The GPUs may be “up to 40% faster” than their predecessor, the RTX 2080 Ti, and run with an ultra-fast clock boost of “up to 2.2GHz as well as 18Gbps” video memory.

As soon as HOSTKEY receives the new RTX 3080 cards, HOSTKEY engineers will test different dedicated server configurations and select the best options. After that, the optimal server configurations and their costs will be set and published on

Free GPU Server Time

“We know that powerful research tools in the hands of bright minds and professional teams lead to paradigm-shifting innovations or scientific and technological breakthroughs,” said Jeroen de Bie, CEO of HOSTKEY. “Scientific teams, companies, and individuals who meet the necessary requirements can get free GPU server time as part of the HOSTKEY GPU Grant Program. The HOSTKEY team believes it’s important to contribute to the development of global science and modern technology.”

Based in the Netherlands, HOSTKEY provides dedicated servers and cloud hosting services from modern data centers to corporate as well as private clients. HOSTKEY is available in Amsterdam, Moscow, and New York. Their partners include such companies as Microsoft, NGINX, cPanel, RETN, Huawei, AMS-IX, Serverius, DataPro, and many others.