HostSailor Introduces 20Gbps DDoS Protection On Both Romania VPS Hosting And Dedicated Server Plans

HostSailor, a registered company in Dubai, UAE and a global provider of VPS hosting and dedicated servers, has introduced free protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks for all its dedicated server and VPS hosting plans offered through Romania servers.

DDoS attacks directly affect a website’s availability for target customers. Protection against DDoS would ensure higher uptime and revenue. HostSailor now makes it easy for their clients by adding the feature to both dedicated servers and VPS hosting plans offered through their Romania servers. 

hostsailor dubai dedicated servers“These days, all businesses rely on the availability of websites,” said Mr. Shehab Ahmed, CTO of HostSailor. “From viewing products and services to ordering and payment, everything is carried out online. If the website is not available, this whole system collapses. Implementing solutions against denial of service is extremely important and we have always recommended these services to our clients.”

“While most companies want the best solutions for such online threats, their budgets have been a restricting factor,” added Mr. Shehab Ahmed. “This is why we added it as part of the plan for our Romania servers. Unlike viruses and malware, DDoS directly affect a business’s sale. They can be source of major financial loss.”

Although HostSailor is located and registered in Dubai, their services are offered around the globe. The servers located in Netherlands and Romania are equipped to offer several different plans with customizable web hosting solutions.