Hostway Achieves FERPA ‘Educational’ Compliance Certification

Managed hosting provider Hostway, a global provider of managed cloud infrastructure and application hosting solutions for software companies including healthcare, SaaS and e-commerce focused organizations, has been awarded FERPA attestation. Hostway is now uniquely positioned to provide educational IT systems with compliance and security in protecting student information.

To maintain FERPA compliance, Hostway employs multiple layers of security to ensure the protection, privacy, and integrity of student data. The company would have policies and processes in place to ensure that data is safeguarded at all times, to ensure the physical security of its data centers. It would also employ strong authentication and authorization controls for its infrastructure.

“We are an EdTech company that works very closely with top educational institutions and students from around the globe, and we understand the extreme importance of maintaining the integrity of student data,” said Jamey Vester, Chief Technology Officer of IES Abroad. “We chose Hostway as our global managed hosting provider because of their commitment to strong security, strict compliance, and great customer service. Their announcement that they are FERPA compliant now is just another reminder of why we choose them.”

By including federal and state regulations, standards and frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, Hostway’s FERPA compliance would help organizations address privacy challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

“We’re very proud to say that EdTech companies and educational institutions can rely on Hostway to store and maintain electronic student education records in accordance with FERPA regulations,” said Emil Sayegh, CEO and president of Hostway. “By strictly following FERPA regulations, we can deliver on our promise to be the most trusted cloud provider for our customer’s mission-critical software applications.”

On-Demand Educational Materials

In addition to safely storing electronic student records, Hostway also works with clients to host a wide variety of education applications, such as content management systems (CMSs); digital education, on-demand learning materials and webinars; academic research data; digital media for speaking events, sport events, and fine arts performances.

As a managed hosting provider, Hostway has its teams of engineers located in North America, Europe, and Asia to deliver secured, scalable private cloud, managed cloud and hybrid cloud hosting solutions. Through its ten geographically diverse SAE 18 and ISAE 3402 data centers around the world, Hostway would ensure strict compliance such as HITRUST, PCI, FERPA and HIPAA.

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