Hostway Implements Parallels Automation, Enables Resellers to Deliver Branded Cloud Hosting Services

Hostway, with 250,191 square feet of data center space one of the largest cloud hosting and IaaS providers in the world, has implemented Parallels Automation to support its syndicated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, enabling resellers to deliver branded cloud hosting services efficiently and cost-effectively.

cloud-hosting-hostwayParallels Automation powers a standardized Hostway reseller solution, branded as Cloud Connex, to get new partners up and running quickly with a provisioning and billing platform that can handle the complexities of a multi-tier channel ecosystem. 

“Our partners are looking for end-to-end cloud delivery solutions that enable their business models,” said Todd Benjamin, vice president of hosted services, Hostway. “By using the Parallels Automation platform to build Cloud Connex we have developed a solution flexible enough to address the needs of these partners as they develop their cloud businesses, from public cloud hosting to email and beyond. Parallels Automation gave us a platform with out-of-the-box provisioning and billing capabilities that can handle the complexities of a multi-tier channel ecosystem.”

Parallels Professional Services

Parallels Automation is a platform to automate and simplify cloud hosting service delivery for hosting providers. It would accelerate creation and delivery of unique cloud services bundles through multiple sales channels, and streamline service provider operations.

parallels-automationAfter exploring options with Parallels Professional Services to design and deploy the platform, Hostway was able to go-to-market in less than six months. “We had no in-house expertise specifically with Parallels Automation,” adds Benjamin. “As a result, the knowledge we received from Parallels Professional Services was critical to the correct planning, implementation and validation of the platform.”

Hostway’s core products include managed hosting, cloud hosting, web hosting, and email & applications. The company serves clients like Coca Cola, JVC and Sony Music.