How Azure App Configuration helps developers roll out new features | Azure Friday

Jimmy Campbell is back to show Scott Hanselman how to use App Configuration for feature management. Traditionally, shipping a new application feature requires a complete redeployment of the application itself, and testing a feature often requires multiple deployments of the application. Now you can use feature flags in App Configuration to grant early access to new app functionality in production.

00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – Episode start
03:47 – Demo: Simple feature flags
06:56 – Exploring the code
12:26 – Demo: Conditional processing with feature filters
19:35 – Episode wrap-up

◉ App Configuration –
◉ Quickstart: Add feature flags to an ASP.NET Core app –
◉ Getting started with Azure App Configuration –
◉ microsoft / FeatureManagement-Dotnet on GitHub –
◉ Feature management overview –
◉ Create a free account (Azure) –

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Duration: 00:20:45
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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