How Cloud Spanner delivers strong consistency at scale

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Strong consistency is one of the main reasons to back your mission-critical applications with a relational database. However, last generation’s relational databases have relied on techniques like sharding to scale to today’s workloads. These typically force you to choose among performance, availability, and consistency. In this episode of Spanner Database Unlimited, we show how Cloud Spanner provides the strongest consistency guarantees without sacrificing availability or performance at scale.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – The benefits and challenges of maintaining strong consistency
1:40 – External consistency in Cloud Spanner
2:27 – Coordinating updates with TrueTime and Paxos
6:17 – Summary and next steps

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Product: Cloud Spanner; fullname: Alicia Williams;

Duration: 00:07:21
Publisher: Google Cloud
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