How email marketing can help small businesses grow | 123-reg

If you’re just getting started with email marketing, this webinar will walk you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about growing your business with email.

This is one of the most comprehensive webinars on email marketing. In it, Matt McNeill covers everything from the challenges that small businesses face with email marketing and how to tackle them, to smart ways to get permission from subscribers, to advice on how to design and write the copy for your email campaigns so that you always get noticed in the inbox.

You will find out why permission is one of the key elements of good email marketing and how to go about getting permission from each and every one of the contacts in your future mailing list. You will also learn how to build high quality data that can give you valuable information about your customers and help you better understand their wants and needs.

To ensure your emails always reach your subscribers’ inbox, Matt also explains which factors can impact you from getting into the inbox as well as which factors can impact whether someone will read your emails or not. You will also get some excellent advice to help you create content and design your email full of personality in order to stand out in the inbox.

But that’s not all. Matt also talks about ways to test your emails, when is the best time to send your campaigns and which metrics to monitor if you want to determine how well your email campaigns are performing.

Watch the webinar for some excellent advice on how to grow your business with email marketing. Looking forward to your questions and comments on our blog:

Duration: 38:58
Publisher: 123 Reg
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