How Globe Telecom is driving digital innovation with no-code development

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With AppSheet, citizen developers are able to innovate and create niche applications for existing work processes. In this video, Jennifer Cadence sits down with Lesley Haro – the Head of Growth Hacking for Globe Telecom – to speak to how her company has and continues to encourage employees to use AppSheet to create applications that streamline their workflows. Watch to learn how Globe Telecom has empowered employees to build applications using this no-code application platform.

0:00 – Intro
0:25 Why does Globe Telecom use no-code?
1:09 What problems does AppSheet solve for you?
2:08 How has this product changed how you work?
3:25 What actions are you taking to help adopt no-code?
4:27 Why should others consider adopting no-code technology?

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Product: AppSheet; fullname: Jennifer Cadence, Lesley Haro;

Duration: 00:05:54
Publisher: Google Cloud
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