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Did you know that Google develops its own dedicated hardware? In this video, Lital Levy, a Product Marketing Manager at Google, discusses how Google’s chip design and development group leverages Google Cloud’s AI and data capabilities to anticipate resource usage, use fewer computing resources, and improve efficiency overall.

0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Meet the stakeholders
1:59 – What was the chip team using before Google Cloud?
3:21 – Reaching out to Alphabet Cloud team
3:55 – Which tools did the chip team need from Google Cloud?
4:57 – What are the business benefits of migrating to Google Cloud?
5:22 – Which chips have been launched since the migration?
5:43 – What’s next for the chip team at Google?
6:24 – Wrap up

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Duration: 00:06:49
Publisher: Google Cloud
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