How Google Is Managing Its Smart Buildings Using Cloud IoT and AI (Cloud Next '19)

The Internet-of-Things has brought exciting opportunities to increase productivity, efficiency, and comfort in the smart living space. In this session, we share the learnings from building the Google Building Automation platform that manages all our building facility. In addition, with the advancement of machine learning and integration with Google Assistant, conversational agents have emerged, providing a new paradigm of interaction with existing systems to enhance the user experience. We demonstrate how chatbots and other interaction modalities can leverage the semantic integration provided by the Google Building Automation platform to provide new ways of interaction with the various stakeholders in a building facility.

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Speaker(s): Charbel Kaed, Marc Pawliger

Session ID: IOT207
product:Cloud Run,Cloud Functions,Cloud Storage; fullname:Martin Omander,Adam Ross;

Duration: 35:
Publisher: Google Cloud
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