How Important is it to Feature Tech in Education – UKFast Round Table

Recent BESA figures suggest that approximately a quarter of a billion pounds is spent every year on computers in schools. In this week’s round table we are asking what role will technology play in the classroom in 2015?

We continue by discussing the value that technology can add to a child’s education and explore how schools may not be getting the most from the technology they deploy.

This week’s panel are:

Adam Caplan, USP Training
Jon Corner, University Technical College
Coral Grainger, Tech North
Tarun Kapur CBE, The Dean Trust
Bruce Thomas, Modern-English Digital
Rebekah Wilson, Diane Modahl Sports Foundation
Arlene Bulfin, UKFast

The Technology in Education round table was hosted by Jonathan Bowers at the UKFast Campus, Manchester.

Duration: 4:17
Publisher: UKFast
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