How iSTOX Builds a Secure and Reliable Digitized Securities Platform on AWS

iSTOX is the first integrated issuance, custody and trading platform for digitized securities to be approved and licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Through its proprietary regulted blockchain and smart contract technology, iSTOX directly connects issuers and investors which lowers financial and time costs needed to invest and raise capital, and provides flexibility and freedom for issuers and investors that previously did not exist for most. It leverages Amazon VPC, AWS Config and Amazon GuardDuty to manage security of their application environment.

Using Amazon RDS also allows it to easily replicate environments quickly and easily, hence it can focus more on developing their software instead of the architecture, which shortens their time to market. By running its entire platform on AWS, it has been able to build a secure, reliable and scalable platform for their customers.

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